We are certified installers of Vipeq Industries' Thermal CorkShield – a revolutionary product
and solution to maximize energy and exterior efficiencies for your home and business.

Energy Efficiency

Save up to 40% of your energy costs

Lower your energy bills and enjoy savings all year round. Applying Thermal CorkShield™ creates a thermal break – stopping the cold from penetrating during the winter months, and keeping the heat out during the summer.
Enhanced Exteriors

Give your home or business a new look

We can customize your new look to your heart's desire. Our product is durable, breathable and flexible and will save you time and money compared to traditional renovations.
Acoustic Insulation

Reduce noise levels up to 18 decibels

Is there noise pollution in your home or office? We can apply our product on the inside and/or outside of your home to maximize sound barriers. Think of the benefits this can add to theatre rooms, condominium and apartment suites.